Kim Kardashian Did Not Approve Of Marilyn Manson Joining The DONDA Event!!

Marilyn Manson attended Kanye West’s third DONDA album listening party — but Kim Kardashian would not have participated if she knew he was going to be there.

“Kanye will always be family to Kim. When Kanye is doing well and is happy, it benefits the kids,” a source told People. “Kim is the first one to support his visions. He asked her to be part of the listening event and she said yes without hesitation. She didn’t know that Marilyn Manson would be there too.”

Marilyn Manson has been accused of sexual assault by several women.


The source continued, “She understands why there is backlash. Kim is all about positive publicity. She would have never participated if she knew Manson would be there.”

She was asked to support but didn’t want to back out at the last minute as she’d already told Kanye she would help.

“That doesn’t mean that she supports Marilyn Mansion or DaBaby and the things they believe. She was there to support the father of her children,” the source adds.

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