Kim Kardashian And IG Influencer Lay Lay’s Beef . . . Caused By Lay Lay’s Dad??


This week child Instagram influencer That Girl Lay Lay got into a little bit of IG beef, when her account got “dissed” by Kim Kardashian, MTO News has learned. Lay Lay’s IG account posted a message blasting Kim Kardashian for asking her to remove a Tik Tok video Lay Lay made with Kim and Kanye West’s daughter, North.

Lay Lay invited North over to her house for a play date, and posted a video of the child. Kim politely asked Lay Lay to remove the video . .. and drama ensued.

Well now Lay Lay’s mother is claiming that the IG star’s clout chasing father may be behind the drama, MTO News is hearing.

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That Girl Lay Lay’s career was launched after her father began sharing videos of Lay Lay freestyle rapping from the passenger side of his car. 

After the drama with the Kim Kardashian request Lay Lay’s mom denied Lay Lay had anything to do with the message and also cleared herself of having anything to do with Lay Lay’s Instagram account.

Here’s what she posted:

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