Khloe Kardashian Talks About Suffering From ‘Debilitating Migraines’

Khloe Kardashian took to social media to complain about having what she calls “debilitating migraines.”

“I wish people understood how debilitating migraines can be,” she tweeted. “I get so frustrated when people tell me to push through and it’s just a bad headache. if only they knew!! That feeling is torturous and indescribable.”

In response, followers told her to get off her phone as the bright screen does not help migraines.


“I was simply venting because I had to push back a meeting due to my migraine,” told them in response, “when I apologized and explained why I couldn’t make it earlier, everyone sort of rolled their eyes.”

She also revealed that sometimes, she has to pass up mother-daughter time with True because of her migraines.

“I feel so badly when I get one especially when they come in between me and my daughter,” she wrote. “She’s only three years old so she doesn’t understand that I genuinely cannot lift my head up when I experienced one.”

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