Kevin Samuels: Saweetie Is An Adjustable 6!!

Dating guru, Kevin Samuels, sat down for an interview on the Joe Budden show, where he revealed that he didn’t think Saweetie was worth all the hype.

He said that the rapper was “an adjustable 6, meaning she can go from cute to pretty.”


He continued, “I look at you fresh face, no makeup, your natural state. And if you have ever seen [Saweetie’s] pictures fresh face, natural state, she’s a cute woman who can be pretty. But I don’t think she’ll ever be considered beautiful or gorgeous.”

“But what if she’s already considered to be beautiful and gorgeous?” Budden asked him.

Samuels spoke said that our current culture has women believing they are a ten but it isn’t reality, and somebody else argued that if women really loved themselves, they wouldn’t “wear a sh*t ton of makeup every day” or spend so long getting ready before going out.

Who’s right? Is Saweetie a six or is Kevin Samuels tripping?

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