Kevin Samuels Feuds w/ Dr. Umar Johnson!!


On Wednesday, Dr. Umar Johnson and Kevin Samuels both trended online and a beef between them seems to have erupted.

Umar is upset that Kevin denigrates Black women for his show and is also accusing him of stealing his talking points, even word for word.

He referred to Kevin Samuels as a “Youtubian.”

Umar slammed “beta males who are trying to build a platform by making Black women feel bad.” He continued, “I don’t like it. I can’t appreciate Black men trying to make a dollar off of making Black women feel bad.”

Kevin clapped back: “The man who has two children by two different women that he never married. The guy in the last ten years has not built brick one of the school he’s collected money from?… The man who calls you ‘queen,’ ‘mother,’ ‘goddess,’ and all this other kind of stuff and again, for those who are keeping score, this is another who comes on here and says, ‘Talk to us more like Umar.'” 


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