Kevin ‘High Value Man’ Samuels Was BROKE Before Youtube – Black Woman Paid Bills (Shocking Docs)

Relationship expert Kevin Samuels is known for bashing Black women, and praising himself and other “high value men.” Well MTO News did some digging into Kevin Samuels’ background, and it turns out that he’s not quite what he says that he is.

Kevin – who is 50 years old – frequently brags about being a “high value man,” and claims to have been one for most of his adult life. According to Kevin, a high value man has 6 characteristics – but the most important one is he must make at least $10K a month. And according to Kevin, a “high value man” has to do so consistency over many years.

Well MTO News got a glimpse into Kevin’s finances, before he became a Youtube star – and it wasn’t pretty. Kevin was divorced from a woman in 2005, when Kevin was a 34 year old man and in the prime of his life.

During the divorce, Kevin “High Value Man” Samuels had to file financial documents – in association with paying child support for his then 5 year old daughter.

And according to the financial documents, Kevin made less than $900 a month. The documents showed that the self proclaimed “high value man” was being supported by his wife, a Black woman, who made almost $2,500 a month.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, anyone that made less than $900 a month in 2005 was considered “poor.” Damn homie.

Here are the receipts.

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