Kevin Hart Talks Cheating Scandal On ‘Red Table Talk’

Kevin Hart was a guest on The Red Table Talk with Will Smith, and on the show, he talked about how the cheating scandal affected his family — especially his daughter.

Kevin was caught on camera having sex with a woman in 2017, while his wife was heavily pregnant.

“My talk with [my daughter] Heaven…that was one like no other,” he told Smith.

“Getting my daughter back, getting my daughter to understand that I was sorry that I made a mistake; that was real…Until this day, my daughter is tough on me. He says she also took things hard when old tweetes surfaced. “And it was tough, because this was when I started to realize how my fame has an impact on my household.”

Smith told Kevin that he and wife Jada just tell their kids everything before they hear about it on social media.

“We’ve found that, with our kids, we just tell them everything,” he said. “We just try to get out ahead of it so the kids know before the world knows. We’ve had a couple get to the kids before we had a chance, and that’s excruciating.”


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