Kevin Hart Claps Back At Tariq Nasheed: Why Should Your Feedback Matter?

Kevin Hart and Tariq Nasheed had a brief Twitter exchange after Tariq gave him poor reviews for his new Netflix standup.

“I like Kevin Hart….. real cool guy… But his new #Netflix stand up special #ZeroFsGiven was NOT funny….. I had to just cut it off after 10 mins,” Tariq wrote.

Kevin caught wind of the tweet and responded:

“Please remind me why your feedback should matter again? I think I’ve done pretty well for myself by doing this comedy that’s NOT funny….Good luck to you and whatever it is that you do tho….Power to the people,” he wrote, adding a flexed biceps emoji.

Tariq didn’t leave it there. He responded to Kevin, writing:

“Peace Kevin.. I think my feedback matters because: 1. I have a subscription to Netflix 2. I want to see you continue to succeed. But in this latest special, it seemed like you were aware you couldn’t be too edgy because you have to avoid potential backlash. But thats just me.”

Is Kevin Hart’s new special funny or nah?

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