Kevin Gates CAUGHT ON VIDEO Kissing The Allegedly ‘GAY’ Rapper Turk!!


Kevin Gates kissed rapper Turk on camera following his controversial interview with DJ Vlad.

 “It is just like, somebody hitting somebody on the ass when they playin’ basketball. That don’t mean they gay. Being the age where I’m at now, I wouldn’t play no type of games to mislead people to even think [I’m gay],” Turk said in the interview.

“We’d do it in front of a female or some sh*t like that. It’d be a peck, like ‘N*gga I love you,'” said Turk. “I done seen a few dudes do that and I understand. I don’t look at you as gay or you like dudes ’cause you did that ’cause I understand the love that you have for your homeboy. I understand that. You ain’t doing no intimate sh*t, bruh. But if you not no real n*gga, you won’t understand that. You won’t understand the love n*ggas have for their homies.”

Kevin Gates feels the same way and made a point of giving Turk a kiss while the cameras were rolling.

In the video, Turk says “real n**gas do real sh*t,” before Kevin embraces Turk and kisses him. Then Turk goes on to explain how “n*ggas in New Orleans do things differently.”

Turk didn’t explain exactly how different they are. Watch:

Kevin Gates made headlines recently when he told Mike Tyson in an interview that he was molested as a child and developed various coping mechanism over the years to mitigate the effects of the abuse.

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