Kenya Moore: Kandi Burruss Didn’t Have My Back Over BOLO Situation!!

Kenya Moore is calling out Kandi Burruss for not having her back over the BOLO situation.

During the After Show Kenya said, “She has so much information and all she had to do was just say the information without judgment, ‘Yeah, I heard some noises, too. It was in the room next to me. I couldn’t sleep.'”

She continued, “And I just felt like that’s all she had to say. I felt like my friend should back me up and not have me look like I’m a man on an Island.”

Kenya has been called out by most of the ladies for playing detective, breaking girl code and snitching about the bachelorette party.

Earlier this month, fans dragged Kandi for taking Kenya’s side.

“I saw so many of y’all trying to get mad at me for Kenya and what she did and I wasn’t even there! I was nowhere around that whole scene,” she said. “For some reason you guys have decided you want to get mad at me and make me responsible for what happened at that scene and I don’t even understand how you feel that way. That ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

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