Kenneth Petty’s Assault Victim Says Nicki Minaj Is Still Trying To Silence Her


Kenneth “Zoo” Petty’s teen accuser, now an adult, sat down for an interview where she revealed that Zoo and his wife Niki Minaj are still trying to silence her.

Kenneth was accused of raping a then 16-year-old girl in 1994 when he was just 15. He is now a registered sex offender.

His victim told The Daily Beast: “I came outside and sat in the car, and he pulled out the letter and the $20,000 out of his middle console and put the money on my lap. And I held it in my hands, and I put it on the floor in the passenger seat. And I told him, ‘I’m not taking it. I don’t want it.'”

She added, “It was like this dude, he really doesn’t give two sh*ts about me. It’s like, damn, don’t you know I’m a mother of four? Don’t you know I have kids? These are things I’m saying to him, and to have him come back to me and tell me, ‘Well, you know how many girls can say that I probably raped them?'”


Her story is in line with a video “Jennifer’s” daughter posted back in December where she addressed the incident.

 “I’m pulling up, and I’m witnessing a motherfucker putting 20 f*cking bands, cash, on my mother’s lap,” she said. “Trying to ask my mom to write a letter. 20 bands? Like, are you serious? My mom put it right back.” 

If the couple is still harassing Jennifer, is it time for them to stop?

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