Kenan Thompson Thinks Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Romance Was ‘Fast’

SNL comic Kenan Thompson says he thinks Kim Kardashian’s romance with Pete Davidson was fast.

“I guess it happened kind of fast, but I don’t really know their business outside of what everybody else is reading, I guess,” he told Access Hollywood. “If they’re happy, I’m happy.”

He added, “He’s a good dude, you know. He’s a talented boy, and I think he’s just very down-to-earth and grounded, and that’s very appealing to people. When you can keep it real with somebody and ride a roller coaster — that’s special.”


Over Thanksgiving, Ye said he will get his wife back.

“The narrative God wants is to see that we can be redeemed in all these relationships,” Ye said on Instagram.

He continued: “We’ve made mistakes. I’ve made mistakes. I’ve publicly done things that were not acceptable as a husband, but right now today, for whatever reason — I didn’t know I was going to be in front of this mic — but I’m here to change the narrative.” 

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