Kelly Price Said She Died During COVID-19 Battle!!

Singer Kelly Price finally spoke out and revealed that she is not missing and essentially died during her Covid-19.

“At some point they lost me,” she told TMZ. I woke up some days later. She added, “I died. … I remember waking up in the ICU.”

The singer added, “I was never missing,” she said. “Everyone in my family knew exactly where I was, and I have to say that it’s really disappointing that things came to this, but it was not true.”

“I am facing a very uphill battle right now,” a teary-eyed Price told the outlet. “I have a lot of rehabbing to do before I am able to be what I like to call concert-ready again. Following the year I’ve had, losing so many people. I had just lost my grandmother before I was diagnosed. I feel like the only way I can focus on me is to actually focus on me.”

Fans wanted to know why she took so long to respond to the missing rumors however.

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