Kelly Dodd Threatens To Quit ‘RHOC’ If Braunwyn Windham-Burke Returns Next Season

Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd has threatened to quit the show next season if Braunwyn Windham-Burke Returns returns.

“I know I cannot film with Braunwyn,” she said via Instagram Live. “I know for a fact that I cannot film with her. There’s just no way and if she comes back then I’m out because I know for a fact that I cannot. She’s dangerous and calling people racists and homophobic.”

Kelly is also claiming that Braunwyn has referred to her as a “bad mom” for traveling amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “”I was traveling, yes, but I was also selling two homes. And thank God I did because I’d be stuck with four mortgages, right? I wasn’t going to party it up with the Salt Lake City chicks.


“If I’m coming back next year, I just can’t come back next year filming with somebody so reckless … I just can’t. If she’s on, I’m probably out. So, that’s probably the way it goes. And by the way, she says she couldn’t film with me, so there you go.”

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