Keke Wyatt: We Need A ‘Mullato Lives Matter’ For Oppressed Biracials


R&B singer Keke Wyatt is upset at how large the Black Lives Matter movement has grown. According to Keke, she feels that Black people are doing too much – with their fight for racial equality.

MTO News learned that Keke was on a livestream discussion, when she started BLASTING Black people fighting for civil rights – the fight not to be disproportionately killed by police, or not to be harassed in public spaces by non-blacks or not to falsely accused by non blacks at the drop of a dime and have the police be used as their weapon – stuff like that. 

To that Keke explained, “Black people aren’t the only ones that have gone through “discrimination.” She continued, “So have Mexicans and so have Jewish people.”

She then claimed that civil rights activists were “Plack people that just say n**ga n**ga n**ga” all day.

And Keke claims that her people – biracial – are being oppressed also. The singer called for the BLM movement to focus more on the oppression of biracial people. As Keke put it, “Mulatto Lives Matter.”

You gotta hear it to believe it:

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