Kathy Griffin Says She Tried To Kill Herself After Trump Backlash

Comedian Kathy Griffin says she tried to kill herself after Trump supporters came with her after she posted a picture of herself holding a fake severed head of Trump.

“I had fallen under the spell of pill addiction. I was really very addicted to prescription pills. I started probably kind of abusing them maybe a few years before the Trump thing—I’m not blaming it on him,” she said on The View . “Once that happened, and frankly, with quarantine, I just started doing pills all day. I got this voice in my head like, ‘You shouldn’t be here anymore. You’ve had a good run. It’s time for you to go.’ I had this fantasy like my husband will find somebody wonderful, who’s more appropriate for him. I wrote this whole note, then I took about 100 pills,” she said.


Kathy may have picked up a pill addiction, but she says lung cancer was much scarier.

“That incident was much more frightening than cancer to me,” she said. “To feel like the whole world hates you. The whole world thinks you’re disgusting and irrelevant.”

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