Karen Civil Responds To Jason Lee’s Breakfast Club Interview


After Jason Lee visited The Breakfast Club to talk about his beef with Karen Civil, Civil called in to respond.

She says she’s not worried about Jason taking legal action against her, adding that she knows he did something similar to somebody else and there’s a video of him admitting it.

“Hurt doesn’t have an expiration date,” she told them, adding that she regrets have his pages taken down.

Jason Lee says he’s preparing to sue her.

“Everybody wants to see Tory Lanez go to jail for shooting Meg. He hurt a Black woman, allegedly. So if he’s found guilty of hurting her, that’s a crime, he should go to jail. Protect Black women. Protect Jesse Woo. Protect the woman in Haiti. Protect the women, the Black women that were my employees who were subjected to almost losing their jobs as a result of this cybercrime. It’s a crime,” he said.

Should he sue or let it go?

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