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Karen Calls Black Cop 'N Word' . . . He Shoots Her DEAD & Republicans Are OUTRAGED!! (Vid)

A White woman, described as a "Karen" was gunned down by a Black police officer in Louisiana, after calling the officer the "N Word" MTO News has learned.


And after a full investigation, the officer has been cleared of any wrongdoing. That has Republicans all across social media in an outrage.

Each year, police officers gun down hundreds of unarmed Black people,. The exact number of unarmed Black people killed by police each year in the United States is not known because police departments do not disclose those stats to the public, MTO News has confirmed.

Typically Republicans stand in lock step to defend police action. But this case is different - the victim was a White woman.


The incident happened in Bossier City, Louisiana, on October 25, and the officer shot and killed the White woman, who was wielding scissors, MTO News confirmed.

Shannon Rupert, 45, was standing behind the reception desk of a La Quinta Inn hotel lobby in Bossier City speaking incoherently on the phone and waving around a pair of scissors. 

Officer Patrick Edmonds, Jr., a decorated officer, responded to a disturbance call, entered and told her repeatedly to put them down, MTO News observed.

Body cam footage shows Shannon dismissing Officer Edmonds’ commands and saying, “I’m not putting [the scissors] down. You’re going to have to shoot me, n—-r.”.

In the video, Officer Edmonds fired two shots, striking Shannon in the upper torso, according to a statement from the Bossier City Police Department.

“Based on all evidence reviewed, it is my firm opinion that no crime was committed by the officer as his actions constituted justifiable homicide,” District Attorney Schuyler Marvin wrote in a letter sent to B

Here's the video: