Kanye West’s LISTENING PARTY A Flop . . . Had To Give Away Tickets!!

Kanye West’s new album Donda looks like it’s going to be a flop of EPIC proportions. Early reviews are calling the music “boring” and “old,” MTO News has learned.

And now a top gossip reporter is saying that the listening party, which was supposed to sell tickets, sold so poorly – that Kanye had to give away tickets for free.

Instead of making money, the listening party is actually costing Kanye hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Here’s the report from Showbiz 411:

Tonight’s listening party in Atlanta for Kanye West’s new album will be an interesting mixed audience.

Some of the fans will have paid a couple hundred bucks for seats. Thousands are going for free.

To ensure a full looking Mercedes Benz Stadium, Kanye’s said to have given away 5,000 tickets to students. Will they go? Why not? It’s free!

The reason for this largesse is because tickets didn’t sell well. There are still hundreds of seats for sale, maybe up to a thousand. Only a small portion of the stadium is being used for the “Donda” listening event.

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