Kanye West Spotted Out Allegedly Having 3SOME w/ 2 Thick Latina Ig Models!!

Kanye West, 44, was photo’d by the paparazzi hanging out with 2 women – on the balcony of his Miami hotel room. Social media is now speculating that Kanye may have been engaging in a threesome with the two Latina beauties, MTO News has learned.

The first Latina spotted on Ye’s balcony was an ab-baring mystery girl on New Year’s Day. A few moments later, another scantily-clad woman emerged for some fresh air.

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Kanye was initially spotted with a brunette beauty in a crop top, though the two kept their distance as they leaned against the balcony railing with their attention elsewhere.

Here’s Ye hanging out with the first IG model, on the balcony of his penthouse

Here’s another shot of Latina thottie #1

Here’s a pic of the second woman, spotted on Kanye’s Balcony – clearly a different Latina

Here’s a close up of Latina Thottie #2’s face

The sighting comes not long before Kanye was spotted on a date with actress Julia Fox in Miami.

In photos which MTO showed yesterday, the rapper was spotted enjoying a night out at Carbone restaurant with Julia.

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