Kanye West Says Kim Kardashian Is Still Using His Kids Against Him


After Kim Kardashian called him out for lying about not allowing him to see their kids, Kanye West responded.

He claims Kim is swapping his schedules around.

“My kids were not allowed to go to Sunday Service yesterday and there’s multiple times where the schedules were changed last minute Which alienated me as a parent which is illegal thank God,” he wrote on Instagram.

“My family has been broken. My name has been dragged and dropped The boyfriend been trying to play with me since SNL skits. I was called a stalker by random has beens. There’s multiple attempts to gas light me SKETE called this ‘legally single’ person my wife,” he continued referring to Pete Davidson and D.L. Hughley.

Ye accused them all of trying to drive him over the edge… “but I didn’t let them,” he added. “Y’all can’t judge my state of well being based on the amount of time I leave an instagram post up or me using my platform to ensure that I stay consistent in my children’s lives.”


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