Kanye West Fires Engineer Who Overslept: Go Find God!!

Leaked texts of Kanye West firing an engineer who overslept were leaked online.

 “Good morning. Let’s work,” Kanye texted the unidentified engineer.

Two hours later, Kanye texted, “You’re fired. Go home.”

The engineer then sent Ye a long text:

“I’m really sorry. I have no excuse. I set an alarm for 7:30am. And for whatever reason my phone wasn’t alerting me. I woke up at 11:08 to missed calls and got dressed as fast as I could. Lou was already on his way to get boogz and they just got here. I didn’t call back right away cause I was in panic trying to find a ride. I know this is unacceptable. I’m sorry.”

But Ye wasn’t interested.

 “Stop texting. Go find God.”


The engineer is claiming that the texts were leaked after his iCloud was hacked. The Donda album sold more than 320,000 equivalent album units and was released after three stadium album listening parties.

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