Kanye West Explains Why He Threw His Mic Across The Stage

In the livestream of his Donda 2 album Kanye West threw his mic across the stage.

Ye performed the Donda single “Hurricanes” featuring Lil Baby and The Weeknd and seemed out of sync. He then performed and “Jail” with DaBaby and Marilyn Manson and Ye could not take it anymore and threw the mic across the stage.

In the clip below, Ye explains what happened:

“It wasn’t about the sound. It was the fact that I was told, one thing I was told was that I had to write the word ‘performance’ on the piece. But what I was giving you guys was performance art. I did these listening sessions when I dropped my album where I put a mask on and I give you this listening session and it’s an installation,” said Ye.

“And they basically forced me to mix Taco Bell and KFC. They basically forced to mix tequila with cognac. So right when I did the song and I saw myself grabbing this mic and it wasn’t my original idea, I was like, ‘I’m gonna throw this mic. Why am I doing this?'”


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