Kanye GONE CRAZY: Spotted Wearing Leather Winter Coat . . . in 100 Degree Weather!!

Kanye west is going viral today, after he’s spotted wearing a leather winter coat while in Las Vegas, MTO News has learned.

Kanye was spotted by the IG blog BallIsLife attending a Big 3 basketball game, with his friend Youtuber SimplyJustin. The two men walked into the game, with a heavy security presence.

But as you can see in the below video, Kanye was wearing some bizarre clothing. The ex-husband of Kim Kardashian was wearing a ski mask, and a heavy winter coat. What’s strange about it – is that it was over 100 degrees outside in Las Vegas. 

Isn’t he hot???


And here’s a glimpse at Vegas temperature:

This is the latest in a series of bizarre behaviors that Kanye has exhibited in recent months. Kanye has reportedly been diagnosed with serious mental health problems – which have gone untreated for some time.

Here is a video of him last year, at a campaign rally for Donald Trump, where he broke down in tears and started crying:

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