Kanye Accused Of ‘Massive’ Campaign Finance Fraud: Kim Bails Before FEDS Come!

Kanye West is being accused of some very serious violations – that may have criminal implications, MTO News has learned.

Just a few days after MTO News announced that Kim Kardashian was filing to divorce Yeezy, it now turns out that the feds are investigating Kanye for Campaign Finance violations, with regard to his presidential campaign.

Campaign Finance violations are regarded as serious and come harsh consequences. Remember, Michael Cohen – Donald Trump’s lawyer – was sent to federal prison over campaign finance violations (among other crimes).

So what did Kanye’s campaign do wrong. Well here’s what the Daily Beast is saying:

The campaign has to date collected $2.2 million from small-dollar donors, nearly all of it in exchange for campaign swag, not out of support for a Yeezy administration. Some of it was snapped up by entrepreneurial zoomers intending to flip the limited-edition collectibles in online marketplaces, scoring a few thousand dollars in easy cash. Price points on the site ranged from a $40 hat to a $200 Kanye 2020 Vision hat/hoodie bundle, but they list higher than that today in online marketplaces.

Many of the resellers were underage students in high school – and that’s a problem. Here’s more from the Daily Beast article:

Students account for more than 1,200 of the campaign’s 3,161 reported donations, contributing a total $349,160, with $26,540 of that coming in this year. [One donor], who communicates with other resellers on Discord social media boards, said that “I can say with confidence that at least half of us in the group have to be still in high school.”

It is illegal to knowingly solicit and accept campaign donations from anyone under the age of 18. And there’s more.


Many of the “donors” who were expecting SWAG from Kanye never got it. When Yeezy shut down his campaign, he appears to have stopped shipments – and the kids who “donated” for SWAG are out of luck.

Parents of the donors are upset with Kanye, so they contacted the FEDS and are trying to get him locked up by claiming he committed campaign finance fraud. And now MTO Learned that the feds are investigating him, according to the Daily Beast.

Looks like Kim may have gotten out before the FEDS come get Yeezy . . . 

Here’s one final quote from the Daily Beast:

The contributions are teeming with irregularities. Brandon Schrock of Laredo, Texas, told the federal government that his employer was “poop,” and his occupation was “pooper.” A number of donors appear to have given under assumed names, some of which appear at first glance as incomprehensible, such as the HDB family, first names NXSUS, JHWAT and EBHXE.

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