K. Michelle Sues Rapper Maino, For Saying Her P**SY STINKS!!

K. Michelle says she is preparing to sue Maino next month for statements he made about her a while back, MTO News has learned.

Maino claimed that K. Michelle’s feminine parts were smelly — but K. Michelle says it’s a lie. She says he has no basis for his remarks. They never even slept together and “he could get this lawsuit.”


“The b**ch can go suck a d*ck and get this lawsuit in January. Everything I been through, EVERYTHING — unping him out,” she said as chat hosts were ready to allow him in. “I don’t want him nowhere around me. I want the courts to handle him in January. What right do you have to consistently get on all of your platforms and try to down somebody who tried to have your back. Who was your friend? Just so you can get off on a mix — not even an album, a mixtape! I am taking you to court for defamation because you do not know me like that. You know you did not sleep with me.”

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