K Michelle DENIES Getting Face ‘Transplant’ . . . Do You Believe Her!! (Watch)

R&B singer K Michelle was rumored to have gotten extensive plastic surgery on her face. Some are even claiming, MTO News reported, that they believe she may have gotten a controversial full face transplant.

Here’s her new face:

The singer addressed the situation head-on during a Instagram live session. She said, 

“Clearly, it’s me. I’ve been this color forever. I’ve been doing a TV show… I’ve been in the studio every day. So I don’t know possibly when I would have had time to get a facelift or—in two days when y’all have seen me already on live.”

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She continued,

“Y’all are crazy. Do you see this is me? At first, I was just like, ‘Oh, okay. Let me just ignore it or whatever ’cause that’s just how people are.’ But you’re f*cking bullying somebody. What if somebody f*ckin’ had problems? I’m the person trying to help people with plastic surgery. I haven’t did anything to my face. Y’all should stop that.”

Take a look:

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