Juvenile Refuses To Speak On Soulja Slim’s Murder Suspect

DJ Vlad is often accused of being a fed, but during a recent interview with Juvenile, the rapper refused to speak on Soulja Slim’s murder suspect.

“There was an investigation into his murder and someone named Garelle Smith …” said Vlad.

But Juvenile stopped him in his tracks: “We ain’t gonna do that one either. I’m still in the city, bro. I’m still riding through the city and I don’t like saying people’s names and putting people out. I don’t like doing that. That’s dangerous.”

Soulja Slim was gunned down on his mother’s front lawn in New Orleans in November 2003. Soulja was shot three times in the face and once in the chest. 22-year-old Garelle Smith was arrested in connection with the murder a month later.

Smith was killed on the morning of Saturday, August 13th, 2011. He was shot dead on Hamburg Street — just two miles west of where he was alleged to have killed Soulja.


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