Jussie Smollett Released From Jail After 6 Days!!

Jussie Smollett has been released from jail just 6 days after he received his 150 day sentence.

Smollett defense attorney Nenye Uche, told reporters that the Smollett family is “very very happy with today’s developments.” She also said that during his time in jail the actor did not eat and only drank water.

“When this case was initially reindicted, when this case was prosecuted, when this case was sentenced, I wondered to myself if Chicago had succeeded from the union because you can not punish someone twice,” lead defense lawyer Nenye Uche told reporters outside the jail.

Smollett’s attorneys filed an emergency motion to postpone his sentence which was granted because the judge found that because Smollett had been convicted of “non-violent” offenses. He has been released on a $150,000 individual bond during the appeal.


“Multiple false reports are made against black men all over the country. Nobody cares,” his attorney said. “We’ve been complaining about the disparate treatment of African Americans in the judicial system. Should black men be walked into jail for a class 4 felony? Shame on you if you think they should.”

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