Judge Orders Actor Danny Masterson To Stand Trial On 3 Rape Charges

That 70’s Show actor Danny Masterson must stand trial after three women testified in front of a judge last week that he raped them nearly 20 years ago.

Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo ordered the actor to stand trial on three counts of rape by force or fear.

If convicted, he could face up to 45 years in jail.

Last week, one of the women alleged her threatened her during an enounter. The woman said she went to the actor’s house on April 25, 2003, to pick up some keys but ended up staying for a drink. Her friends were also there. The woman says she felt “blurry” 20 minutes after being given a cocktail by Masterson. He then threw her in a jacuzzi.

“I couldn’t walk or stand, so he put me on the tile on the ground,” she said according to AP.. “I couldn’t open my eyelids. I felt really, really sick.”

She then said that Masterson carried her upstairs and put her in a shower after she vomited. She claimed he soaped her breasts while she was showering and then he moved her to his bed and raped her. She said when she tried to fight him off, he pulled a gun from the nightstand and threatened her.


Materson’s attorney accused the women of lying and coordinating their statements. 

Deputy District Attorney Reinhold Mueller said the testimony was “anything but” coordinated.

“These were not rehearsed statements,” Mueller said. “They were heartfelt, and they each had their versions of what happened. If there is any consistency in these statements, it was because the defendant was consistent in these acts.”

He remains free on $3.3 million bail and is due back in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom on June 7 for arraignment, the station reported.

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