Judd Apatow Mocks Ye’s Super Bowl Mask

Judd Apatow sat a few rows behind Kanye West and Super Bowl and made fun of the rapper’s weird black mask.

“I’m sitting near Kanye. He seems very hot and sweaty in the mask,” he captioned a post. “I overheard him say, ‘man I wish I didn’t go with the mask today, but now that I’m in it I can’t really bail on it. Do you think I could lose it at half time? Seems like a logical place to make a change.’ His friends said, ‘no. You have to commit.’ Then Kanye said ‘I wish we would have cut some more vents in this thing.’ Then his pal said, ‘I told you to go with the creepy contact lenses but you didn’t listen. You never listen.’ Go Rams!”

In a separate post he wrote: “I got too hot. I can’t do it.” Ye has taken his mask off.

Ye did not see the funny side and responded:

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