JT From City Girls Goes Viral For Saying ‘Broke’ Men ‘Don’t Deserve P**sy’! (Watch)


JT from The City Girls is one of the top trending topics on Twitter today, after a controversial interview where she claimed that “broke n**gas don’t deserve p**sy,” MTO News has confirmed.

She made the controversial statement during an interview on the Respectfully Justin podcast, on Revolt. During the interview, the City Girls rapper was asked whether she would ever date a “broke” man.

JT made it clear that she’s ONLY interested in dating wealthy men.

JT told Justin:

To me,  broke n**gas just don’t deserve p**sy because I feel that broke n*ggas [are] always mad any mother f**king way.

They’re mad at life. They’re mad that their sh*t ain’t going like its supposed to go and they always got an attitude.

So I don’t want no broke n**ga who ain’t got no money and a mother f**king attitude f**king on me and putting those negative ass spirits on me.

And she continued adding this about “broke” men:

You’re broke. You’re mad all the time. And you’re trying to tell me how I’m supposed to be living.


She seems to have started quite a conversation on Twitter. Many women are agreeing with the City Girls rapper. Men, on the other hand, are upset by her comments. Look:

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