Joyner Lucas: I Was Jealous Of Logic!!

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Joyner Lucas stopped by The Breakfast Club for an interview, where he revealed that his beef with retired rapper Logic was because he was jealous of him.

"I think I was jealous of him. But I think... The reason why I say that, though, is because I felt like where he was at at the time is where I wanted to be so much," Joyner said.


"I had called that man because I had an epiphany. I had got to a certain place, in which people started expecting things of me. And people started expecting that I just do sh*t. People that I didn't really know like that. And, I lost a lot of people and it clicked. I said everything that I accused this guy of or I was [jealous] of, it's happening to me. I know how it feels and it sucks."

He said he asked Royce Da 5'9 to get him on a call with Logic. He offered the rapper an apology. Watch the clip below.