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Joyner Lucas Apologizes For Dissing MGK

Joyner Lucas apologizes for dissing Machine Gun Kelly last week.

"A lot of people saying things about me 'crying and complaining' when sh*t don't go my way,. Lot of comments telling me to 'work harder and stop being emotional '… you know what? You right… I have a history of being upset at certain things and taking it to social media. I own that... Part of being a man is admitting when you f*cked up. I be getting frustrated when I feel like I'm the underdog all the time. Maybe I ain't put in enuff work.‍♂️ maybe I think I'm a bigger artist than what I actually am. Maybe you right. I own that. Real nigga sh*t," he said.

Joyner continued: "As far as the @machinegunkelly sh*t Goes,, homie ain't have nothing to do with my rant. Jus got caught in the cross fire of one of my bitter moments. Def sum sucka sh*t to come at him for nothin. I own that & I apologize. Real n*gga sh*t. I ain't perfect. Im growing everyday... I cant deny that sometimes i come off like a jealous asshole But that aint the case. Im a fan of these niggaz. I think I been the underdog for so long, shit made me feel like I deserve certain sh*t. But who tf am I to determine what i deserve? Sometimes I gotta check myself," he added.

"Lot of artists or people in general are afraid of checking themselves. I check myself all the time. I cant throw a Tantrum and shoot at n*ggaz for nothin. @machinegunkelly did absolutely nothin to me to deserve that lame tweet. If u readin this, I apologize dog. real n*gga sh*t."