Jordyn Woods Slams Skai Jackson For ‘Bullying’ Her Sister


Jordyn Woods took to Instagram Live to call Skai Jackson out for allegedly bullying her younger sister, Jodie Woods.

“Saying things to my little sister. And don’t realize you’re really talking to a minor and you’re an adult. And if I have to take action on that I will. Because we letting it slide, and letting it slide, and letting it slide — and I’m sure you’re on here right now — and it’s not gon slide for too long. So keep it up and it’s going to be a problem because I do not mess with people messing with my family, especially when you’re way older than her,” Jordyn said.

“And don’t make me make it public — because I will. And I’m not playing at all. So, just saying, keep it going,” she said.


Skai is about to turn 19 and Jodie is 14. According to the rumors, the beef is over Solange’s son, 16-year-old Julez Smith. Julez dated Skai a few months ago before they broke up in December. It’s rumored that he’s now dating Jodie.

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