Joe Rogan Says Michelle Obama Could Beat Donald Trump In An Election

Podcaster Joe Rogan said that he thinks Michelle Obama would beat Donald Trump in a presidential election if she decided to run in 2024.

“Michelle Obama and they’re gonna bring Harris. Michelle Obama and Harris. Harris comes back as the vice president. Michelle Obama’s the president. We get a double dose of diversity. Let’s go champ,” Rogan said.

Rogan says Trump also has no hope of winning unless he teamed up with Florida Governor Ron Desantis. “That’s the only way they win.”

But he thinks Michelle Obama should run: “I really believe if Michelle Obama runs, she wins. She’s great. She’s intelligent. She’s articulate. She’s the wife of the best president that we have had in our lifetime in terms of [representation] of intelligent, articulate people. She could win.”


Before leaving office Trump told his supporters that he would be back. The feds are investigating his Trump Organization and some think he wants to run again to avoid prosecution and shut down the investigation.

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