Joe Exotic Begs Supporters To Help Get Him Pardoned

Trump has less than 60 days in office, and Tiger King star Joe Exotic is begging his fans to help him get pardoned.

 Exotic is currently serving a 22-year sentence for an alleged murder-for-hire plot against his arch-nemesis — Carol Baskin.

The viral star penned a letter obtained by TMZ — a last-ditch attempt at freedom.

“Please think about the last three holidays I have spent in here while all the people that lied to put me here and the people that made money off of films, products, and so on with the people that put me here under false pretense enjoy their freedom and their families during the holidays,” Exotic wrote.


He also asked his supporters to “pick up a phone on Monday” and start asking Congress members to help him get a presidential pardon during Trump’s final weeks in office.

“I would love for some of you that has the power to pick up a phone and contact some pretty influential people to do so, so I could go home before something happens to my father or [his husband] Dillon,” Exotic added.

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