Joe Exotic Begs For Pardon From President Joe Biden


Joe Exotic is begging Joe Biden for a presidential pardon and says that Donald Trump was a “fool” not to pardon him before he left office.

“President Trump was a fool not to pardon me,” he wrote in a letter to the New York Post. “Before the election, millions of people were hoping for it as they know I’m innocent, most of this is in TK2 [‘Tiger King 2’] and it will be the same for President Biden, the world will know the truth [when the new season is released] and him and VP [Kamala] Harris ran on justice and prison reform.”


Exotic says his release “would be in the interest of American Justice for President Biden” ahead of the holidays. And asked that Biden act against “those with perjury and other suitable charges, or the injustice is really going to cost votes in 2022 as the people wonder if this could happen to them under his watch.”

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