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Joe Budden Weighs In On Rod Wave's Post About Selling His Soul

Joe Budden has weighed in on Rod Wave's recent comments about retiring and selling his soul.

"At 22-years-old, his interpretation of the music industry is probably different from what he's experiencing now and he's a primary act. Which means he's being exposed to quite a bit and [the label is] leaning on him quite a lot," he said.

"The weight could get heavy. We just saw Yung Bleu go through it. He dropped, didn't put on a bad show, then said 'I'm depressed' and put out a project that said 'I'm depressed.' We saw someone else come out publicly recently and speak to just not being okay. Mental health has been a thing for artists for the past few years. Big Sean. we can go on and on. But for a newer act... Rod Wave hasn't been around for so long... for a newer act to pick all this up and feel this way so early, I wonder if he means when he says he's only here for a little minute as Rod Wave that he's already trying to figure out a way to get from underneath that."