Joe Budden Says He Warned His Listeners About Joe Rogan Years Ago

Joe Budden says that he warned his listeners about Joe Rogan years ago.

 “Five years ago I came in here and said– as just somebody observing the podcast scene and he’s obviously the biggest broadcaster in the world. ‘Hey, does anybody know that he said such and such and such and such?’ My fan base said, ‘Shut the f*ck up,” at the time. Other people said, ‘Shut the f*ck up.’ Black people.”

Rogan is being dragged after videos of him repeatedly using the n-word surfaced online. He was called a racist and issued more than one apology adding that he would not use the word again.

 “It’s crazy how when a powerful white person says some sh*t,” said co-host Ish, “now your first amendment rights come into play. Right?… If we came in here and said the derogatory words about certain groups, you’d f*ck around and be canceled.”

Ice added, “Intent don’t matter. It’s just the act. You did it.”


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