Joe Budden Says DONDA 2 Is The Most Toxic Sh*t In The Universe!!

Joe Budden predicts that Kanye West’s upcoming Donda 2 album will be seriously toxic.

“I think this is the most toxic sh*t in the universe,” he said on his podcast. “And for it to be as impactful as the most toxic sh*t in the universe, it has to be somewhat near real-time. I think this is a counter and a rebuttal. I don’t think his plan was to drop so early. That’s an assumption. That’s speculation from Joe.”

He continued. “But he can’t hold this too long. I think he’s been looking at what he deems to be a movie and a script, and he’s been trying to reply the best he could, but he’s a musician. So, he’s going to reply in music, and he’s going to get the “toxicist [sic] of the toxic kings.”

Budden was referring to Future as the “toxic king.”


Ye already dropped “Eazy” where he threatened Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson.

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