Joe Budden Roasts The ‘Fresh & Fit’ Podcast: They Are Fragile & Weak!!

After they publicly dissed Asian Doll, Joe Budden roasted the hosts of the Fresh & Fit podcasts.

Budden’s post reposted where one of the hosts (Walter Weekes) says “most Black girls are annoying, ratchet and they don’t know how to converse.” 

Myron Gaines called Black women a “bunch of Shaniqua’s” and said that he doesn’t “dabble in the dark.”

“Now I don’t normally do the ‘repost another pod’ thing because 1. i just don’t, & 2. some stuff just doesn’t deserve to be highlighted, but today I’ll make an exception. I don’t know these 2 Doofs but they don’t get to do this. Too ignorant, inexperienced, insecure, fragile and weak for this stale gimmick to not be seen through,” he wrote.

“Black women are everything, ESPECIALLY beautiful!! Every kind of beautiful too, so to hear this?!? From them?!? Lol it’s laughable.. but it’s not. It’s not ‘y’all don’t date Black women’ fam, Black women won’t date y’all (i can tell) so you harbor this hate and base opinions off as if you’ve been outside long enough to even know yourself… and y’all are angry about it, just not angry enough to not use them.”

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