Joe Budden Reflects On His Losses: I’m Doing Better Than Ever!!

Podcaster Joe Budden took to social media to let his haters know that despite a year of huge losses — he’s doing better than he ever was.

 “N***as be mad that you not mad at them being mad… that’s the maddening party,” he wrote on Instagram Story.

“Every day I listen to complaints from ppl & i just shut up and listen… but it’s EVERY DAY AND ALL DAY NOTHING BUT COMPLAINTS ABOUT THE SMALLEST SH*T IN THE WORLD!!!! BUt you can’t say that cuz that’s gaslighting… well you know what else I never say?” he continued.

“6 months into the year I’ve lost millions of dollars, friends, 3 of my ppl purposefully transitioned, my enemies have scouting programs, the Interet cares about all mental health but mine, I’m rebuilding on the fly and I”m being sued by ppl i tried to help that you can’t sue back cuz for what… And I never utter a word about any of it,” he wrote. “And somehow, miraculously, by the grace of God and God only…. IM DOING BETTER THAN EVER!!!!”


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