Joe Budden: Kendrick Lamar Dissed Drake On Family Ties!!

Joe Budden reveals he thinks that Kendrick Lamar was firing shots at Drake on his “Family Ties” verse.

Fans thought Kendrick was coming for Kanye West on the track but Budden thinks it was Drizzy.

“Who’s in everybody’s top five? Are there five consistent names in everyone’s top five? Or are there more like two and three consistent names? You know when Hov said, ‘Who’s the best emcee — Biggie, Jay-Z, or Nas?’ He probably was really talking about a top five. He just didn’t want to tell y’all nobody gives a f*ck about four and five in the top five,” he said.

“You’re falling for the consumer Kendrick trick,” Budden continued. “And that trick is going to allow him to have a crutch, so when he’s asked about it in interviews, he can give us that same bullsh*t that he gave us with ‘Control’: ‘Oh, that’s to whoever, take it how you want.’ No, no, no.”


Budden adds, “Kendrick don’t care about none of these niggas. It is a facade. It is a trick,” he says.

“Smokin’ on top fives. I have a hybrid strain of Drake and J. Cole a little bit in there. But this is a Toronto mansion, Degrassi special strain. Smoking on this, you’d love this. Gonna smoke more of this when I unlock more flows to come.’ He told you that. You thought he was telling that to who?”

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