Joe Budden Denies Rory & Mal Were ‘Profit Partners’

In their video released over the weekend titled, “I’ll Name This Response Later,” Rory and Mal claimed they were “profit partners” with Joe Budden so they had a right to ask for the accounting.

“We have a profit agreement, a percentage-based contract with each other, and every time we asked for accounting there was a problem… If you’re not gonna honor this contract like you said in front of other people, then it’s like ‘this sh*t ain’t gon’ work’ It’s not gon’ work. And like I said, if respect ain’t there, I’m not there,” Mal said.

Budden says it’s a lie.

“I know they said what they said, but it’s not true. And I as the business owner can’t get on the internet and start talking about people’s contracts. It’s not professional,” he said on Instagram Live.


He claimed the contract “doesn’t say that they’re profit participants of the podcast.”

Budden added, “I think that’s what they may have thought, I don’t know. But watching their video, I still don’t think they know what the contract says. But it says something to the effect of they make money off of my podcast earnings net. That’s very different… You make a percentage of what I net from this work operation.”

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