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Joe Budden Cries Over Michael K. Williams

Joe Budden cried over the loss of "The Wire" actor Michael K. Williams on an episode of his podcast.

"I was f*cked up in '09, somewhere back there. And my mom was going to church. She did what any mom would do she said come to church. I see Michael K. Williams, but that don't tell me nothing," he said.

"Some type of way through the grace of God, now we have after-meetings at church. It was a select chosen few of us that was dying. We shared sh*t in there that we probably don't share nowhere, man."

Williams died from an apparent drug overdose.

Budden continued: "I'm sitting there and I'm like, 'Oh sh*t, we understand each other on a deeper level,'" he says. "But he was in pain and I seem to have an ability to be able to spot that guy in a f*cking crowd. It's heavy. I fell in love with Mike in them meetings, man."