Joe Budden Accused Of Sexual Assault ON AIR By Female Employee!! (Video)

A female former employee of Joe Budden is coming forward, claiming that she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Joe Budden, MTO News has learned.

Olivia Dope, a popular tv and Internet personality was hired by Joe Budden to be a part of his new podcast network. Olivia left Joe’s company earlier this year, and now she’s explaining why.

According to Olivia, Joe “continually made sexual remarks towards me which made me feel uncomfortable” while at her job. The uncomfortable moments were all captured on video as she worked as an on air correspondent on the Joe Budden Network.

Joe allegedly told Olivia, “You and I should speak more because I’ve been wanting to f**k you since we’ve met..” That portion of the conversation, according to Olivia, was edited out of the podcast, MTO News has learned.

She also claim that – during the same podcast – Joe Budden repeatedly referred to her as a “b**ch.”

But Olivia’s most serious allegation is when she said Joe Budden sexually assaulted her – during a hug – and while on camera. According to Olivia, Joe Budden began grinding on her sexually, while hugging her.

Here’s a video showing Olivia’s allegations – and the alleged inappropriate hug:

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