Jimmy Kimmel Responds To Logan Paul: I’m Sorry About Your Testicle

Logan Paul was upset last week after Jimmy Kimmel called him one of the worst people in the world.

Kimmel used his show to respond to Logan.

“I made a joke about him the other night that he did not like at all,” said Kimmel. “I hope we can be bros again, dude, I really do, and I’m sorry about your testicle,” he said. 

In 2017, Logan told Kimmel that he lost 15% of one of his testicles are a stunt went wrong.

“I forgot about that. You know what? To make up for it, I’m gonna give you one of my testicles. Or, wait a minute, I just thought of something: maybe I’ll introduce you to Nicki Minaj’s cousin’s friend. This guy, he’s got more testicle than he knows what to do with,” Kimmell said making fun of Logan.

“I’ve done some dumb stuff. Let me tell you about my testicle… I’m missing 15 per cent of it,” Logan said at the time. “I was with my friends back in Ohio, and I was like “Yo, my balls hurt guys!”‘ he said.

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