Jim Jones: Wack 100 Is Trying To Bring Down Powerful Black Men!!


Rapper Jim Jones is accusing Jim Jones of trying to bring down powerful Black men.

Wack 100 alluded to Jim Jones being a snitch and asked to see the Dipset rapper’s paperwork. 

“I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I make a lot of money, f*ck head ass old n*gga, I’m tired of all this sh*t. I stand tall for everything I believe in, I always have. No matter what. I’ve been around this whole world. F*ck the country, n*gga, rocking my same colors,” he said.

After his friend mentioned that Wack had no knowledge of the case and that he was acting like a “blogger,” Capo replied:

“You making a good point. He not bringing up cases. He’s trying to bring down powerful Black men that are in positions to help other powerful Black men. That’s all I been out here doing this whole time is helping out the Black community no matter how people look at it.”

Is Wack 100 acting like a blogger?

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