Jim Jones Tells Everybody To Get Vaccine After Catching Covid!!

Jim Jones posted a message to his fans telling them to go and get the vaccine after catching Covid-19.

He captioned the post: “Superman is no match for covid please take care of urself out here mask up hand sanitizer keep tht wit u and say a prayer cause this sh*t is like a stray bullet it don’t care who it hits. I’m grateful for all those who called to check up on me. I’m negative and it’s time to get back Healthy. God is good.”

“I was contemplating whether I should do this or keep my business to myself, but I think it’s more important for me to do this. I urge everybody to stay safe out there. COVID is real. I was runnin’ ’round here thinking I was Superman and COVID knocked the socks off Superman,” Capo says in the clip.


“So I urge and encourage everybody to please continue to mask up, please continue with hand sanitizer, social distance as much as you can, try to stay away from as many packed and crowded places. This sh*t is no joke. I really felt it and I don’t want nobody to feel like how I felt.”

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